Bosley Bos Revive Pack for Visibly Thinning Non Colour Treated Hair RRP$89.95

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RRP $89.95

3 Steps to thicker, fuller-looking hair

Bosley Professional Strength offers comprehensive solutions for fine and thinning hair

Bosley Professional Strength BOS Revive Haircare has been formulated for those with visibly thinning hair and excessive hair loss

Use BOS Revive products if your hair is visibly thinning or you are experiencing hair loss

The BOS Revive Hair Care Regimen for Non Treated hair includes Nourishing Shampo 150ml, Volumising Conditioner 150ml and Thickening Treatment 100ml…..

Doctor recommended for regrowth and to defend against hair loss and get fuller, thicker looking hair!

Nourishing Shampoo – Deep cleans contaminants, toxins, and debris, while adding thickness and volume.  Sulfate-free, paraben-free formula is safe and gentle on hair and scalp.  Helps defend against and inhibit DHT that can cause hair loss, alopecia, balding and thinning hair. (150ml(

Volumising Conditioner – Provides exceptional conditioning, shine, moisture and hydration.  Helps repair damage and reduce frizz and fly-away.  Discourages DHT and fortifies strength, flexibility and control with plant, marine and biogenic extracts.  Helps lock-in and protect from colour fade and dullness.  Proteins strengthen follicle shaft for reducing breakage and damage. (150ml)

Thickening Treatment – Adds volume and thickness with added amino acids and proteins.  Apple and Algae extracts help reduce occurrence of DHT and support healthy hair growth.  Biotinyl GHK formula guards from and repairs damage while providing thicker, fuller looking and feeling hair.  An excellent treatment to support regrowth, guard against early stages of thinning, and to thicken and volumise normal to fine hair (200ml)

Rich in Sage, and Pentapeptides to encourage healthy keratin development and growth, Bosley’s Revive Starter kit adds topical amino acids that help guard against loss of pigmentation, free-radical damage that causes dryness and frizz, and excessive breakage.  Colorkeeper formula protects from excessive colour loss and dulling of hue and vibrancy.

All Bosley products contain LifeXtend complex that provides natural-based hair and scalp health.  Biogenic pentapeptised add strength to the follicle shaft reducing breaking and snapping; natural plant extracts reduce loss and promote regrowth; and marine extracts and Kelp/Algae add proteins and nourishment while helping block dihydrotestosterone – DHT, a primary contributor to balding, pattern baldness, thinning and hair loss.

Bosley is sulfate, paraben and phthalate-free making it gently on hair and scalp.  FDA approved advanced thickening and regrowth formulas act to inhibit DHT for thicker, fuller hair.